Which Is The Safari For You?

We welcome you to East Africa to experience the breathtaking adventures of the majestic wildlife and look forward to sharing our knowledge and love of this extraordinary land.

Going on a safari in Southern Tanzania is like a step back in time. The areas are relatively untouched and you feel like you have the park to yourself. It is truly an adventure like none other.

The animals are still wild and not accustomed to human interaction. Imagine walking through the bush and hearing elephants nearby warning you of their presence as they rattle and break the tree branches or waking up in the morning and seeing lion tracks by your tent as they had passed silently in the night.  

We offer a range of safaris, not only the traditional game drive, which includes birdwatching, primate viewing, cultural tours and much more. 

This is truly an opportunity to realize your 'Dream of Africa'.


  • Game Drives

    Feel the thrill watching a pride of lions stalk their prey through the long grass of the savannah or family of hyenas playing

  • Walking Safaris

    A walk through the African bush is a wonderful way to experience the savannah intimately. Getting out of the vehicle

  • Mobile Camping

    Mobile Camping is an exciting way to experience the sights & sounds of the African wilderness.

  • Special Interest Safaris

    Besides the traditional game drive we have other options which allows you to truly experience all that Tanzania has to offer !!


How We Get There

You will ride in a custom built safari vehicle with a guaranteed window seat! A key factor in a enjoyable game drive is a comfortable & well-maintained vehicle.