Game Drives

Feel the thrill watching a pride of lions stalk their prey through the long grass of the savannah or family of hyenas playing

in the shade. All this and more awaits you "in the heart of Africa" as we focus on the Southern Circuit of Tanzania as this is our home and we are intimately familiar with the land, the animals and the people.

Game Drives are one of the most popular ways to view and learn about wildlife in Tanzania.  Accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable driver and/or guide, you will see the animals you have dreamed about (or only seen captive in a zoo) in their natural habitat.

You will ride in a custom built safari vehicle with a guaranteed window seat! A key factor in a enjoyable game drive is a comfortable and well-maintained vehicle. Tatanca's fleet is well maintained and checked by our mechanics after each trip due to the challenging conditions which we travel. Our fleet of specialized safari vehicles include:

  • Extended land cruisers with window seating for 7 people with pop roofs for game viewing/photography
  • Safari land cruisers with window seating for 5 people also with pop-up roofs
  • Open sided Safari cars with seating for 8 people
  • Each seat is equipped with a seat belt
  • We have inverters to charge your camera or phone batteries
  • Coolers for food & beverages

Early morning & evening game drives are the most popular as the wildlife is more active and moving about. During the heat of the day, the animals seek out shade and are not easily seen. Your guide is an expert in noticing a change in color or shape to spot animals in the bush. A typical game drive involves a morning drive with a lunch break either at a picnic spot or one of the lodges within the park, then an afternoon or evening game drive. Your guide will stop often to give you information about the animals and history of the area.

Night Game Drives

We also offer Night Game Drives in Ruaha & Mikumi National Parks which is an experience in its own, as you see an entirely different aspect of the park with many nocturnal species and predators. You will be the only vehicle in the park as Tatanca is the sole authorized safari company to offer night game drives.

Sample Itineraries

Southern Parks 8 Day Safari       24 Hour Prime Time Ruaha Safari            2 Days in the Wild Ruaha Safari


The Parks Which We Offer Game Drives Are:

  • Ruaha National Park

    Ruaha National Park is Tanzania’s and East Africa’s largest park with an area of about 20 226 km2 , it is next only to Katavi Park in its untouched wilderness,

  • Mikumi National Park

    The open horizons and abundant wildlife of the Mkata Floodplain, the centerpiece of Mikumi Park, can be compared to the famous Serengeti.

  • Selous Game Reserve

    Africa’s 2nd largest wildlife sanctuary was designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site in 1982


How We Get There

You will ride in a custom built safari vehicle with a guaranteed window seat! A key factor in a enjoyable game drive is a comfortable & well-maintained vehicle.