Emergency Services

When traveling to Tanzania, it is advised to have travel insurance which includes medical evacuation coverage.  Tatanca Safaris offers additional medical evacuation coverage for $5.00 USD which will liaise with your current insurance provider to provide immediate air response from the Southern Parks.

In the case of an accident or bodily harm, you must report to a police station and obtain a 'P3' form before proceeding to the hospital for treatment. In the case of government hospitals and dispensaries, they will refuse treatment if you do not have the required document.

 If you have a medical emergency, there are both government & private facilities available. Most National Parks have a doctor on call however if you are in a remote or rural location, there may only be local dispensaries with limited medical personnel.

Local pharmacies or “Duka la Dawa” can dispense medication without a prescription, however the prevalence of fake or low quality pharmaceuticals is quite high in Tanzania so it is advised to travel with extra medication.

In all cases, Tatanca Safaris will assist you to obtain emergency services in the local community as there may be a language barrier in the rural areas.