Night Game Drives

A Night Game Drive is an unique experience in its own as there are many nocturnal species which can only be seen at night such as Aardvarks, Hyenas, Bat-Eared Foxes, Honey Badgers, Civets & Genets.

As well, this is when predators such as lions and leopards are hunting their prey. There is nothing more thrilling then to hear the roar of lions in the distance as they communicate with each other across the savannah.

You will see the game animals coming to the watering spots and of course the brilliant stars of an African night sky.

As we are the only Tanzanian owned safari company approved to offer night game drives in Ruaha & Mikumi National Parks, you will be the sole vehicle in the park. 

Come and experience a different aspect of game viewing with Tatanca.

The drive starts at approx 7:30 pm and lasts until 10:30 pm for a duration of 3/3.5 hrs. You will be in our open sided car and accompanied by an armed park ranger throughout the drive for your safety.