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Tanzania's newest park is a rare botanical marvel, the first national park in tropical Africa to be gazetted largely for it floral significance.

Big game is sparsely represented,though a few hardy mountain reedbuck still roam the grassland. Kitulo is a hiker's and birdwatcher's paradise.

Park Highlights Include:

  • Locals refer to the Kitulo Plateau as Bustani ya Mungu - The Garden of God, while botanists have dubbed it the Serengeti of Flowers.
  • Wildflower displays peak between December and April. The sunnier months of September to November are more comfortable for hiking but less rewarding for botanists.
  • Good hiking trails exist and will soon be developed into a formal trail system. Open walking across the grasslands to view birds and wildflowers. A half day hike from the park across the Livingstone Mountains leads to Matema Beach on Lake Nyasa
  • The gap of Numbi valley is occupied by Juniper Forest, one of the most extensive in East Africa. Towering up to 50 M these are among the tallest junipers in the world.
  • Bird Watching

    Tanzania is a fantastic birding destinations. With one of the largest species lists of any African country:

  • Photography Safaris

    Africa has become known as one of the most photographically rich destinations in the world.