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Udzungwa National Park

The park offers excellent hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities. A variety of trails are available to suit different abilities, including the  half day hike to Sanje Waterfalls

& Msolwa waterfalls or the more challenging 2 day hike on Mwanihana Trail which leads to the high plateau, with its panoramic view, which is the 2nd highest point in the Eastern Arc range, which has been referred to as the African Galapagos.

Park Highlights Include:

  • The only national park in Tanzania which has 11 primate species including 5 species which are found nowhere else in the world except in the tropical rainforest of Udzungwa. They include the Sanje Mangabey, Iringa Red Colobus, Matundu Dwarf galago, Mountain Dwarf Galago and the recently discovered Rungwedebus Kipunji monkey.
  • The park has the second highest bird diversity in Africa behind only the Ituri Forest in DRC and is considered one of the most important bird areas of Africa.
  • Sanje Waterfalls is the largest waterfall in the Tanzanian national park system with three stages.
  • This is the only park in Tanzania to have closed canopy and unbroken forest with small plants such as saintpaulia to large trees which can be over 30 M high such as Sterculia Appendiculata & Antiaris Toxicaria.

Sample Itinerary

3 Day Hiking & Primate Viewing

  • Bird Watching

    Tanzania is a fantastic birding destinations. With one of the largest species lists of any African country:

  • Photography Safaris

    Africa has become known as one of the most photographically rich destinations in the world.

  • Mobile Camping

    Mobile Camping is an exciting way to experience the sights & sounds of the African wilderness.

  • Primate Viewing

    It is easy to underestimate Tanzania’s primate diversity, which stands at around 20 species