Mountain streams and a chance to spot colobus monkeys. Some of the numerous sights are: the Ngurdoto crater, rain forests, acacia forests, crater lakes and of course Mount Meru. A safari in Arusha National Park is a great start for a safari tour in northern Tanzania. This park is easily accessible for a day trip from Arusha city. You visit what we call the ‘mini-Serengeti’; an area where you often see large groups of giraffes and buffalo. Besides, you visit the shady mountain forest, which is inhabited by curious blue monkeys, the colourful turacos, trogon birds and the acrobatic black and white colobus monkey. These animals are easily spotted here. The spectacular Ngurdoto Crater is located right in the middle of the forest. Its steep rocky cliffs surround a wide swampy bottom with herds of buffalo and warthogs. About 200 elephants live in Arusha National Park, often found in the forests on the slopes of Mount Meru. In addition, 400 species of birds call this park home.

Best Season:July, August, September, October, November, December