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Tanzania Adventures specialize in Kilimanjaro climb and Tanzania safari packages with an extension to Zanzibar where you can add few days on the beach for chill after a very tiring mountain or dust safari trip in Tanzania’s famed wildlife safari parks including Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National parks. Tanzania has everything you could wish from an African adventure – amazing safaris, beautiful mountains, stunning waterfalls, white sandy beaches, crystal clear seas and vibrant interesting cultural experiences and this tour covers them all! Spend nine exciting days exploring Tanzania’s vibrant culture and captivating wildlife reserves. Tanzania is quintessential safari land. Thousands of animals stream across the vast stretches of savannah. Giraffes gallop past baby elephants still clinging to their mothers and lions move gracefully toward their prey. The whole scene blends seamlessly into a multi-hued sky, where the sun floods the land with life-giving light.

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Best Seasons:July, August, September, October, November, December
Popular Location:Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Mikumi, Dar es salaam, Zanzibar

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