Tatanca Safaris & Tours was established in 2006, Locally owned by a Tanzanian Mr. Dennis Ngede, who is passionate about nature, he recognized the need for the professional safari company in the relatively untouched southern circuit. As one of the most reputable Safari & Tour Company in Southern Circuit, the company focused on the Southern part of Tanzania as this is our home and we are itinerary familiar with the Land, the animals and the people.

Over the years the company has developed and now providing Safari and tour services to Northern, Western, Eastern 02 Circuits and Coastal Zone of Tanzania. We focus on the Southern Circuit as this is our home and we are intimately familiar with the land, the animals and the people.

At Tatanca Safaris each person you will meet is devotee about Tanzania Safari Tours. Safari is what keep us growing and keep us going. Not only we are dedicated to make our customer’s experience remarkable but also we are committed to give our bit to the society. We are well aware of the environment and wildlife.